Daylight’s Farm Matches Your Donation

My name is Merv Miller, I’m currently Chairman of the Daylight USA Board of Directors. My wife and I have been sustaining supporters of Daylight for over 6 years and in January I had the privilege of visiting Daylight for the very first time.

I must say that Daylight exceeded my expectations. I’ve always known that Daylight is partially self-supporting but it was truly inspiring for me to observe it in person.

Board Chair Merv Miller with Daylight students

When we first arrived, classes were in session so the campus was quiet, But I noticed a herdsman, Komole, leading cattle out of their pen to graze alongside the gravel road just outside the campus. The cows are milked twice a day and the milk is mixed with ground corn to create a porridge that is served daily to the students during a mid-morning break.

Daylight cattle grazing along the roadside

Next, I ran into John, the gardener, he was weeding one of the gardens. A vegetable is grown in two, half-acre gardens. The gardens are planted at different intervals to assure continues crops throughout the school year. The corn is grown on campus as well. Some corn is ground for porridge and the rest is dried and mixed with beans to create a soup that is often served at lunch.

John and others tending to Daylight’s garden
Corn drying in the sun

The cook, Elizabeth and her volunteers work non-stop to create meals for the students on campus. We have Herdsmen, Gardeners, and Cooks that work on campus seven days a week with one hundred students living on the campus in dormitories. They boarding students are just as hungry on Sunday as they are on Monday. And, the cows don’t take a day off from production!

Elizabeth making lunch for students and staff
Bags of corn in storage

I met a parent of four students named Rosemary while I was at Daylight who described the self-sustaining efforts this way; “When you send one dollar to Daylight it magically becomes two.” So remember, every time you give your gift is matched by the hard working staff and volunteers in Kenya!

Daylight parent Rosemary with her four children

If you would like more information on supporting Daylight School or sponsoring a classroom click here. We understand that financial circumstances are challenging for many people right now, and we are especially thankful for your generosity to Daylight School, it’s students and staff.

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