Daylight’s New Website & Michael’s Story

Have you visited the Daylight website lately? Have you noticed anything different? We hope so!

We are excited to announce the launch of Daylight Center and School’s new website. The new website features a reorganized user-friendly menu, as well as images and video that will be updated regularly with the latest happenings at Daylight.

Be sure to check our Events page this fall to attend Daylight events in your area, or take the initiative and contact us to host an event!

The “share” buttons on the bottom of each page make it easy to share Daylight with your friends and family. Share our “Get Connected” or “About Us” page with your friends today. And while you are there, watch the video of Director Michael Kimpur telling his personal story, “From Herds Boy to School Boy.”

Special thanks to Daylight partner, Luke Finsaas, for the time and work he donated to give us this beautiful new website!

Rachel Finsaas
Director of Operations

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