Daylight’s Shining Scholar Gloria

All 6th – 8th Graders are required to take a national standardized test each year. This year Daylight took the test and our students were ranked 2nd out of over 150 schools in the West Pokot District. This was really impressive to the community because Daylight is one of the only schools that does not require students to pay school fees and it is widely known that our students are from poor or often parentless homes.

We wanted to share the story of Gloria one of Daylight’s top scholars. Gloria is in 8th grade and is the top English student at Daylight. Gloria is 13 years old and she loves to read.  She loves to practice her vocabulary by reading her favorite book Pinocchio. She always smiles when she reads how Pinocchio’s nose grows whenever he tells a lie.

Outside of class Gloria loves hanging out with friends, learning from her encouraging teachers, and she likes to play volleyball on the Daylight field.

When Gloria grows up she wants to become a lawyer.  She wants to help people who are being treated unfairly in her community.  To fight for the rights of the poor people in her community that are often the victims of unfair treatment from the police and corrupt politicians.

And Gloria has two great role models in public service. Gloria’s parents are both public servants and because of this they one of the few parents of Daylight students that can afford to make a small donation (20% of typical school entrance costs) to Daylight for their 3 children’s education. Which means Gloria and her brothers Wesley and Leon would not be in school without Daylight.

Their mother is a volunteer 3rd grade teacher at a nearby school and she is pursuing a history teaching degree. Despite her busy schedule their mom helps Gloria and her two brothers with their homework each night. Her father is a security guard 8 hours drive away in the capital city of Nairobi and he is only able to come home every other month.

Her parents are very proud of their daughter’s achievements and are so grateful to the Daylight supporters for helping Gloria, Wesley, and Leon to be star students in their community.


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