Daylight’s Student Safety & Well Being Response to Coronavirus

The safety and well being of Daylight students and staff during Coronavirus is the highest priority for us. There have been at least 15 confirmed case of Coronavirus in Kenya and we are working with the Kenyan Government to ensure all our staff and students are given accurate information.

The leadership team of Daylight Center and School are leading the response efforts. They are ensuring students and staff stay safe and healthy. School Manager Reuben is coordinating deliveries and using his motorbike to get needed supplies.

School Manager Reuben Losharipo with his daughter

In accordance with recommendations from the Kenya Government, educational classes are postponed. The Daylight campus will be closed to the students who walk or ride to school on a daily basis. Students with families nearby will stay with their families. We will continue to find ways to support our students and their families who are practicing social distancing.

Daylight Headmaster Paul updating students and staff on the safety and well being plan.

Many hand washing stations have been set up throughout the Daylight campus to keep kids hands as clean as possible.

For the students who must remain at Daylight’s dormitory due to their family situations, we are working hard to limit exposure. We are also attempting to continue to support (and have fun!) by continuing many of the beloved non-classroom activities.

The Daylight Track Team was sad that their national track meets were cancelled. But they are continuing to train in their new track suits!

Grace, Sunday, Pembe, Reuben and friends on the Daylight Track Team.

Many of the students favorite parts of their day continue at Daylight. We are continuing to serve a healthy meals to students living on campus.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are being provided to students and staff at Daylight.

Angelina Kimpur is ensuring the students are being well fed. Using the eggs, milk, corn, and beans. Many of which are grown in Daylight’s farm.

Daylight Matron Angelina Kimpur holding an egg from Daylight’s farm.

The days are still filled with field games organized by staff and students!

Field games at Daylight.

The playground is in full swing!

Swing set at Daylight.

Students are continuing to have fun in their classrooms with teachers who have remained on campus.

Students are continuing to learn in the Daylight computer lab.

Daylight computer lab.

The construction team of Fundis (the swahili word for worker) are using the time to work on the empty classrooms. The workers are being careful to have a lot of distance from Daylight students and staff.

They are putting the finishing touches on the new Pre-School classrooms.

The Daylight students and staff said they are keeping their American friends in their thoughts and prayers. They hope you all stay staff and healthy.

Thank you for your continued support of Daylight as they meet the needs of our students in this difficult time. We will keep you updated on Daylight’s continuing response to the coronavirus.

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