Doctors in the Village and a Proud Mama-Kimpur

When a Pokot woman has her first born child, her name changes from her given name to Mama-(name of first born).  So when I was born my mom’s name became Mama-Kimpur. And she was such a proud Mama this fall when I pulled into our small village with three American Doctors to have a clinic for the villagers.  The village elders in Alalle (where the Daylight Outreach Nursery is located) had been asking for a long while for us to do a clinic and finally the week had come!

This fall Doctors Lenny, Larry, and Joel made the long trip across the desert to do check-ups and treat our nursery school students, their families, and the community. They saw 300 people in 3 days. It was quite a flurry of activity and the people were so encouraged to get medicine for there pain and sicknesses.

And my Mom was so proud as she walked around the clinic telling everyone that her son had brought Doctors from across the world.  It was really a special day for me and Mama-Kimpur.

Thanks to Larry, Lenny, and Joel and all of you for making this healing clinic possible and for making my Mom so proud of me!

Michael Kimpur
Daylight Kenya

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