Dolls for Daylight

The prospect of another long winter and the desire to experience the camaraderie of working on a sewing project together prompted me to start a Sewing For Good class with Minneapolis Community Education.
I thought that we would create a dozen or so dolls to give to children in need.  I underestimated the generosity and kindness of the class participants.  Over the past two winters, the women sewed hundreds of beautiful dolls.  As you can see from the photo, creativity and love were poured into the making of each doll.


In July I had the opportunity to take some of the dolls to the students at Daylight School. Distributing the dolls to those giggling, beautiful children was a highlight of my life. The video says it all.

Before traveling to Daylight, I struggled with whether the money my family would spend on travel would be better spent as a direct donation to the school. Upon my return, I have thought about this question. I cannot know what impact I had on the students and staff, but I do know that every visitor, regardless of the skills or items s/he brings, bears witness to these children and their teachers that they are valued and loved and they are not alone. The children of Daylight are now packed into every corner of my heart. I will continue to support them. I hope you will, too.
Tristen Lindemann
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