Dorm Building Progress

I woke up at 6:00 yesterday morning as the sun started to rise. We are now in Kapenguria, and I have my own room at the guesthouse at Daylight. I was able to get up and look across the far hills through the mist to watch the sun continue to rise.

After getting ready for the day, I sat down to have breakfast of Kenyan tea (sort of like Chai) and bread. It was a little surreal to be sitting in a place with no running water or electricity, watching Michael’s kids play with the soccer ball I had just given them, and suddenly a loud noise jolts me.

Michael has turned on the car, and changed the radio station to the BBC so we can listen to the election results. It was unlike any other time I have waited for election results to come in during my life.

Things are going well here. Monday was a busy travel day to get here, and after eating dinner, we got settled in at Daylight. Tuesday was a bit of everything: I started out the morning running with Michael to pick up supplies for the crew (sodas, water, and bread for lunch). We then continued onto Kitale (about 30 minutes away) to pick up the lumber supplies that we needed for the construction project.

When we arrived at the lumber yard, we were told that we were in luck, fresh lumber (which is referred to as timber in Kenya) had arrived yesterday from Uganda. The cypress trees used as lumber are very different from what we are used to in the states, but get the job done.

Read more about the construction project on Brianna’s blog.

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