Dormitory Complete and Final Steps before Students

Last November, a missions team from Autumn Ridge Church in Rochester, MN went to Daylight to help build a dormitory for 40 orphaned students from the desert. The team fundraised for the construction of the dormitory and spent 10 days in Kenya roofing, building desks, sharing stories and studying the Bible with the staff and builders at Daylight.

The project was set to be completed in early spring, but as with many things, malaria got in the way. The Kenyan builder, David, spent a month in bed with malaria in March, then a few weeks in May, and again in July. But when he was strong enough to work, he faithfully returned to the property to finish the work he had been paid to do.

However, there are still a few steps before the students can move in! Currently, our 4th and 5th grade classes are studying in the dormitory until a new Phase 1 corrugated tin classroom can be built ($5,500). Then bunk beds with mattresses, sheets, blankets and mosquito nets must be purchased ($4,000). We also need an additional $300 per month pledged toward operating expenses to provide the necessary food and staff for overnight care of the 40 students to stay in the dormitory.

Please be praying for the children, the necessary funds to be given, and continued health of the workers as we continue this process.

Nathan Roberts
US Director

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