Drought Effecting Daylight and We Need Your Help

You may have already heard about the drought effecting our Kenyan friends. Due to low rainfall many of the Kenyan crops failed. Including most of the crops at Daylight’s own farm which help feed our children.
Daylight Kids in Line 1 Daylight’s youngest class of pre-schoolers in line for their mid-morning corn porridge

In this difficult time we are committed to continuing to educate, feed and shelter our Daylight students – to be a place of stability and hope.

But we need your continued financial support to do this. 

Each month we send $5,100 to our Kenyan friends at Daylight for food to feed our 400 students, for money to pay our generous teachers and staff, and for the living expenses that keep things like the cooking fires going.

With pledges from donors we have about $3,000 in commitments per month, but still need $2,100 monthly from individuals like you. Most months we can make up the gap with special gifts, but not yet this month. This is drought season…

Do you see yourself helping us to fill this gap? Would you like to make a pledge for 2017 to help us meet the daily needs of our students and staff? Most Daylight supporters help by giving $50 per month, but what if you could close our gap this month with a gift of $2,000?

You can give to Daylight, make a pledge, or support in another way.

However you choose to give, we are so grateful. Your gifts are as essential as water in the dry season and food in a drought.

daylight draught
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