Election Violence in Kenya – Please Pray

On March 4th, in less than one week, Kenya will be holding its 2013 presidential elections.

After the last presidential election in 2007, an estimated 1,000 people were killed and 600,000 people displaced due to election-related violence. In 2007, voters were not only divided along party lines, but also along tribal/ethnic lines.* War broke out even in urban areas, primarily between Kikuyu and Luo people.

Many children who attend Daylight are orphaned as a result of cattle rustling in the rural, nomadic outskirts of western Kenya. However, some of the children who attend Daylight are orphaned or have lost a parent due to the election violence in 2007.

In 2008, Moses was rescued and brought to Daylight following post-election violence. His family comes from the Kikuyu, a tribe targeted during the violence. At Daylight, Moses has found a safe place to grow and learn.

Please keep the Daylight staff and students, and the whole nation of Kenya in your thoughts and prayers this week.

Thank you,

Michael Kimpur
Nathan Roberts
Rachel Finsaas

*Learn more about 2007 election violence.

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