Eric from Bethel University at Daylight

Eric Sievert is a long-time friend of Daylight and a Bethel University student in MN who spent a semester at Daystar University in Nairobi KE studying abroad. He took time to visit Michael and the Daylight children in May and June.

Being at Daylight was awesome! I had the privilege of teaching a few subjects for the five fifth graders, which was quite a good experience. They were all bright kids. They hold classes in the temporary classrooms that were recently constructed, which are definitely a step in the right direction for these kids. Sitting in the shade during free time and listening to the laughter, the shouts and the conversations of all the students hard at play reminded me of the effect that Daylight is having. These are the kids who would otherwise be left on the fringes, but now they have a place to be together and adults to invest in them.

Eric Sievert

Class is in session in the new temporary classroom structures and we are blessed to have it. It’s a humble operation with dirt floors and tin walls, but we press on in faith that God and the partners in faith will bring resources for a permanent brick classroom structure in the near future.

Thanks for your partnership,
Nathan Roberts
Daylight U.S. Director

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