Fri May 30th Concert to Fix the Well

Two years ago the elders from Michael’s home Village of Alalle asked Daylight to build a Pre-School for their Village children to learn to read and write.

In response we opened Daylight Alalle Pre-school with thirty kids studying in a one room mud church building with a single teacher and a single chalkboard. But it was a challenge to have classes because the building was a mile from the river and kids got so thirsty during classes.

And so a hand pumped well was built near the school.

And this was a huge relief! And classes went along much more smoothly. But like all outdoor plumbing, the well needs to be regularly serviced. In fact, the water flow has gotten so slow that it takes two grown men an hour to get a single bucket of water. And that’s just not gonna work when you have thirty thirsty kids trying to learn to read and writer.

So We are throwing a:

Benefit concert to Fix the Well
May 30th 8-11pm
2121 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

$10 Suggested Donation

The Bitterroot Fires and AM Stryker will be performing at the Emerson House!

Nathan Roberts
US Director

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