Friday’s at Daylight – Assembly, Class, Clean up & Fun!

Fridays at Daylight are a sight to behold. 302 students, 25 teachers and staff, all preparing to complete another week of school. Fridays begin with a school wide assembly. The Kenyan flag is raised and School Headmaster Eliud gives a special message of encouragement to the students. Then Students and teachers take turns coming forward to give updates on what they have learned in class, sing a song. and offer their own encouraging message.

Then the students are off to their classes! English, KiSwahili, Math, Science, Reading, and Religious Education filled with brilliant young minds.
Daylight believes in helping foster student’s leadership potential in and out of the classroom. Our students love to come to the board and help lead the class. These amazing 3rd grade students are already able to read and speak in several languages – their tribal mother-tongue (Pokot, Luo, or Turkana), KiSwahili, and English!

Then its time for lunch where the older students take turns helping serve the younger students.

When classes are done the rooms are cleaned for the weekend. With open windows, 302 kids, and the breeze across on Daylight’s hill-top campus, the classes can get pretty dusty. So every Friday the whole school undergoes a deep clean.

All the desks are pulled out.Buckets are filled.Floors are swept.And each class is mopped by hand.

When the cleaning is done the students are dismissed for the weekend. The children who stay with their families in town, pack up their backpacks and get picked up (see the motorbike in the background!) or walk home in groups. Those who stay in Daylight Dormitories, maybe due to the death of a parent or their family living too far away, gather for a game of soccer, making art, or head to the swings for a fun weekend with their friends.

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