Getting Ready for September Classes to Start

Daylight has spent the August summer break preparing for September classes. Students are helping their family bring in the harvest, spending time playing soccer, and hanging out with friends.

At Daylight, we are hard at work cleaning desks and organizing lessons. The 1st – 3rd grade classrooms are under construction to get them ready for school to start in September.

Sarah is excited about studying in the new 3rd grade classroom. Sarah is pretty amazing. She is the goalkeeper in her class’s soccer games. She wants to be an artist, and her favorite subject is math. She drew a sketch of the new classroom!

SarahFor the last few years, Sarah and her fellow early elementary school students have been studying (and, as you can see, having fun) in their corrugated tin-walled temporary classroom.DSC_2488This year, we were able to construct a new brick classroom building for these amazing students to study in! With support from Autumn Ridge Church and local builders, we got the bricks laid and the walls up.20170102_160834_resized_1In March, the Autumn Ridge team came and helped roof the classroom.autumn ridge workWith support from Kenyan builders, donor Emilie Robinson and Daylight’s US partners, the builders are now busy putting on the finishing touches to get ready for our kids to study in September! IMG-20170824-WA0002 (1)When the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders come back to school, they will have a great new classroom!20140929_152421Thank you for supporting Sarah and the rest of the 400 students studying at Daylight!

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