Good Luck and Farewell 8th Graders!

On Monday, March 22nd, our 8th grade students will be taking their National Exams. These yearly exams, taken by all 8th grade students, were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The exams are usually given in the fall.

Daylight School’s 8th Grade Class – We are so proud of all our students!

The staff held a party to say farewell and wish them luck on their exams and we hope that you will keep them in your thoughts as well.

8th Graders gather for a Farewell Party. Many will move on to high school soon!

The National Exams in Kenya are very important. They are educational exams that test core competencies in Math, Science, Reading, and English.

Students’ test scores qualify them for high school scholarships and determine what caliber of high school they will attend!

Social Distancing study time – our 8th graders spend months preparing for the exam.

It also determines Daylight School’s district ranking. We are currently the only top performing school in West Pokot County that accepts so many students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our students and staff are very proud of this!

Our school manager Reuben and our school secretary Mercy with two of our amazing 8th grade students!

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