Grace is excited to move into the dorm

Grace is a Daylight student that is very close to our hearts.

Her Pokot name is Kakuko. I met Kakuko in 2011 standing next to a hut made of sticks and mud. She had a scarf tied around her head; hidden beneath was the worst ear growth I had ever seen. So we took her to Daylight and a doctor.

After taking antibiotics, her ear infection was gone! She can fully hear again and there is no more pain. She had many new experiences at Daylight: from using an outhouse, washing her hands, even entering other peoples’ homes without an invitation, Kakuko has a lot to learn about living in a town!

But after her ear was healed, her stepfather came to bring her back to the desert. She spent the next year panning for gold in the stream by her stepfather’s hut. But earlier this year, Michael Kimpur and Nathan Roberts were able to convince the stepfather to allow Kakuko to go back to school. She is now back studying at Daylight!

Soon, she will be staying in the dormitory instead of sleeping on a mattress in the Kimpur’s living room. However, there are still a few steps before she can move into the dorm! Currently, our 4th and 5th grade classes are studying in the dormitory until a new Phase 1 corrugated tin classroom can be built ($5,500).

Within the last week, supporters have donated $3,000 toward the Phase 1 classroom! This is a great start! We still need $2,500 to build the classroom. Then bunk beds with mattresses, sheets, blankets and mosquito nets must be purchased ($4,000). We also need an additional $300 per month pledged toward operating expenses to provide the necessary food and staff for overnight care of Grace and 39 other students to stay in the dormitory.

Please continue praying for the students, the necessary funds to be given, and health of the workers throughout this process. And thank God for Daylight!

Lauren Soderstrom
Daylight U.S. Board Member

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