On Saturday, May 8th, we celebrated the 13-year anniversary of the first day students attended class at Daylight School! What was once just open land has become a bustling hive of activity, laughter, learning, hard work and love.

We held our U.S. Board Summit that day and celebrated all that has been accomplished by Daylight leaders, staff, donors, board members, trip participants and communities, both here and in Kenya. We talked about how we here in the US can continue to support the staff and students at Daylight, what the hopes and dreams are of those running the school and how we can help make those dreams come true. And we celebrated a new beginning for Daylight’s US Director, Nathan Roberts.

Our US Board meeting 13 years to the day of Daylight’s very first class!


So many children have had the opportunity to attend Daylight School and many of our first students are on the way college. We have just begun to see the outcome of the impact Daylight has on their future! They will go on to be doctors and lawyers and pilots and teachers, and none of this would have been possible without the vision, passion and dedication of Nathan. If you don’t know the story of how Daylight Center and School came to be, we encourage you to read the book Poor Millionaires or watch this TED Talk with Daylight Founders Michael Kimpur and Nathan.

We know that you join us in gratitude for the blessings that Nathan has given to all of us and all of our friends at Daylight School these many years. Here is a note from Nathan as he departs to new opportunities and adventures:

Today was my last meeting as the US Director of Daylight School in Kenya. 

It felt right that 13 years ago today, we had our first class of Kindergarteners meet in a church classroom in rural Kenya. They were the first kids in their families to ever go to school. 

We were all starting something new.

We had a lot of help from so many friends, family, students and parents in Kenya and America.

We made mistakes, learned, failed, tried again, and finally we built a school on our own property. 

We have over 300 kids and 40 staff in Kenya and so many amazing friends and supporters cheering them on. We wrote a book and did a TED talk! We built friendships that will last forever. 


Today I am so confident as I pass the torch to a passionate and very capable board of directors. I am so confident in the team we have to lead us into the future. 

I also want to say a special thank you to my Mom and Dad and my wife Emilie.

All these years I worked 10+ hours a week, and spent most of my vacation time in Kenya. I was able to volunteer all my time. And I believe none of this would have been possible if my parents and Emilie had not believed in this dream and supported it. 

Thank you to everyone who ever gave, stayed up late talking over some issue with me. We did this together.

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