Hand Washed Clothes & Thank you Gifts

It is inspiring how far our gifts can go and how much joy they can bring! I was reminded of this while I was hand washing clothes at Daylight last month.

For the past two years when I have been there, I have started to wash my clothes by hand. But after the Kenyan girls and women have a good laugh watching me ineptly hand washing, someone steps in to help. It’s not that I am so bad, but they are just so quick and efficient.

This year, after two of Michael’s daughters helped me, I asked Michael’s wife, Angelina, if I could give them a little money as a thank you. And Angelina told me some new clothes would be a welcome gift.

Before I left, my mom had given me $100 “in case something came up.” I asked Angelina if anyone else needed anything. So, as we were leaving, we picked up 8 kids from the dorm (preschool and elementary) who clearly needed some new clothes. What a surprise, but I was thrilled that my mom’s money could help all these kids. By “new” clothes what I mean is buying used clothing (probably from the U.S.) that is sold in all the markets in Kenya. So we took our big group of kids and went in search of clothes. It was chaos when the women selling the clothes started tossing different sized clothing to the kids for them to try on–it was a bit hectic. After awhile, each kid had new jeans or skirts, and new tops. Then we went on to buy sandals for all of them and several of the kids also needed school shoes. Then it was backpacks for everyone.

What a day! For $100, we got clothes and stuff for a whole lot of kids and it was so fun. When we got back to Daylight School, I took the picture I attached of the kids, and called my mom to tell her she just clothed the naked.

Only God can make inefficient clothes washing turn into realizing a need that was right before me but I had not thought of, into buying a bunch of new clothes.

All with money God provided through my mom before I even left home.

Thank you for your gifts that make a life changing difference for these kids!

Joyce Schwartz
Daylight Board Chair

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