He Suffered with Us

Daylight Partners,

Our friends in rural Kenya know that this world we live in is a brutal world. This life we live is not easy. As we’ve learned, our friends–the children and families of Daylight Center and School–are not unfamiliar with suffering. They have lived hard lives: surviving with little food, digging several feet below dried-up river beds for water, protecting their cattle from those who would steal and kill. It’s hard for me to grapple with the struggles that so many in this world face, like those who live nomadic lives in rural Kenya.

As we remember the death and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this weekend, what strikes me as remarkable is not only that Jesus died for us but that Jesus–the God of the universe who became human–suffered with us. As we honor Christ’s death, we look to our sisters and brothers around the world with whom Christ suffers still. As we celebrate the life of Jesus resurrected, we find hope amidst a pain-filled world that God is working to make all things new.

We are grateful–incredibly grateful–to be a part of God’s work at Daylight to bring new life and restoration amidst suffering. And we are grateful for you, our partners in this work.

As we celebrate Christ’s life, death and resurrection, may we remember others still suffering, and call God and each other to be faithful to the work of restoration.

He is risen. And making all things new.

Andrew Ulasich
Board Member

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