Help Daylight Students Bring in the Harvest

This summer, Daylight students and their families helped harvest several acres of corn, milk the cows, and carry water to and from the kitchen. Students pick and shuck corn for Daylight’s breakfast porridge and lunches. As they volunteer, they are learning the valuable skill of farming and taking pride in contributing to their education.
harvest 1
It takes time, resources, and love to run Daylight – to feed, clothe, and educate these bright minds. Did you know that each year half of Daylight School’s total operating budget comes as goods and services from our Kenyan community?
harvest 2So our question to you is: Will you join them?Will you make a monthly or one time gift gift in solidarity and love to these amazing students? Daylight has 400 students and in the 2016/17 school year it costs $50 per month to educate each one of them.

Thank you for standing with our Kenyan community and supporting Daylight. Together, we are developing bright leaders.

Nathan Roberts
U.S. Director

P.S. To read more about Daylight’s farm go to Daylight Teaches Students to Care for Cows.

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