How We Run a Free Clinic at Daylight Alale Village School

Every year a team of medical professionals from Stillwater, MN, takes the 8 hour drive into the Rift Valley Desert to our village school and church at Daylight Alale.

This year our team held a free clinic where they helped hundreds of patients, many of whom have not seen a doctor since last year’s free clinic.

24-travelingEarly in the morning families from Alale village begin walking up to 10 miles to come to the clinic. They line up excited for their check-ups.24-clinic-lineThe clinic opens with a prayer by the Daylight Alale head teacher Lok and Daylight Director Michael Kimpur. Then the patients are told which doctors see which patients.24-prayerThere are many simple cuts that come from living in a desert with lots of thorns. If these wounds get infected, they can require surgery. Nurse Angie worked together to with Pastor Evans to teach patients the importance of washing wounds and wrapping small cuts to prevent infections.24-woundsDaylight Board members and doctors team up to meet with patients and do check ups. Bosco translates for Dr. Steve as they diagnose people and give them their list of medications and treatments.24-seeing-patientsThe final step is heading over to Deb, Frank, and Nathan at the outdoor pharmacy stocked with thousands of medications, ranging from de-worming pills for stomach worms to inhalers to ibuprofen for head and back aches.24-sorting-pillsDuring two days of clinic, the team saw hundreds of patients who may not otherwise be able to see a doctor!

And this work is all possible because of your continued support of Daylight! Thank you!

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