In Kenya a Road is a Symbol

Roads in Kenya have a functional and symbolic meaning.  A road is not just a way to travel across the country with ease. The way to many villages, schools, and shops (including the one to my home village) are not well maintained. They are narrow, broken, dirt paths that leave so many drivers with flat tires and those traveling by foot in the way of traffic. To have a government maintained road symbolizes that the Kenyan government has chosen to connect you to the rest of the country. It means that you are valuable.  It means that you a part of the future of Kenya.

So you can imagine our delight when the Kenyan Government sent out a Bobcat to plow the road to Daylight!

It was a sure sign that the Kenyan Government views us as an important part of the future of Kenya. That we were training the future leaders of Kenya.

Thank you for helping us educate these young leaders of Kenya. This important partnership between the Daylight donors, the Kenyan Government, and local Kenyan donors is what makes Daylight such a powerful force for change!

Michael Kimpur
Daylight Kenya


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