Isaac Wants to be an Orthopedic Surgeon

Isaac is in 8th grade at Daylight, and his favorite subject is science. “I love to study the human body. I want to know more about the inside so I am planning to study to be a surgeon.” He wants to go to Nairobi to study to be an orthopedic surgeon. “I want to help people who break bones.”

13 - Isaac

Isaac and his brother came to Daylight because his family could not afford to send Isaac to school. Because their family lives too far away for them to walk each day, Isaac and his brother stay overnight in the Daylight dormitory. After class you will usually find him on the Daylight futbol field. “It keeps my body strong,” he smiles.

“Maybe someday I want to visit America. I’d like to see how cold it is. What being really cold feels like on my skin.” He has met enough of our volunteers from Minnesota to have heard a lot about snow.

On behalf of Isaac, his family, and all our students, we thank you for supporting Daylight.

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