Jedida Wants to Give Computers to Students

“I want to give computers to kids so they can study math and English,” Jedida says smiling. She is in 7th grade at Daylight, and she wants to be an computer engineer when she grows up. “Math is easy for me and I want to start studying engineering on computers.”18 - JedidaAt school she loves playing hide and seek with her friends in the fields and bushes around Daylight Kapenguria’s twelve-acre campus.

Jedida is blessed to have two supportive parents that she lives with in town. Her parents are great roles models of community service. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a nurse who serves at a small community clinic in town. She learned the importance of medical professionals when she was sick with a cold and had to miss school. Jedida’s family contributes financially to Daylight to help pay for her education.

On behalf of Jedida, her family, and her hide-and-seek buddies, we want to thank you for making Jedida’s education possible.

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