Joshua Kimpur home and on the mend!

Thanks to everyone who prayed, sent encouraging emails, and called us to see how Joshua is doing. We have great news. Joshua is home and slowly getting his strength back. It was a very scary weekend for Angelina and Michael. The hospitals in Kenya are often overwhelmed with so many emergency cases (their hospitals are often similiar to American Emergency Room wings).

 Joshua and Angelina in the hospital.

But after much waiting and praying Angelina and Michael were told that Joshua’s fever had broken and he was free to go home. Thank you so much for your support.

Joshua is clearly feeling better, but wants you to keep praying!

For those of you looking for a fun excuse to visit the beautiful town of Stillwater, Minnesota this weekend please consider stopping by Daylight Partner church First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater for their Annual Alternative Gift Market with Fairly Traded handicrafts, foods, and Daylight has a table where you can make gifts of donations.

Sat. Nov. 22, 10 am – 4 pm
Sun. Nov. 23, 11 am – 2 pm

Stop by the Daylight Table and say hi to Lenny Snellman, and ask him about his trip to Daylight, he just got back!

We also wanted to provide an update on the American boy Gavin who was also in the hospital. He too is at home and recovering. Again his family thanks you for your prayers!

Nathan Roberts
Daylight US Director

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