Kenyan Partners gave $250,000+ in bricks, time, and resources

Daylight School is a partnership between local Kenyan community and International partners. This is vital to Daylights growth and sustainability. People working together to help children.
Partnerships with Local Businesses and Community members 
A great example of this partnership is the new Girls Dormitory. Partners from Minnesota donated resources and came and roofed the dorm. Relatives of Daylight students, local businesses, and neighbors also donate hand made bricks (see the pile!) and then volunteered to help construct it. 
Each month local Kenyan supporters donate around $1,200 in corn, beans, rice and bricks. DSC_2704The local businesses give Daylight reduced rates because they believe in the work we are doing.
The Construction Delivery Truck company reduces their typical fees by $250 each month.
We have Amazing Staff!

Our 4 school cooks have children who attend Daylight! So after feeding and cleaning up 300 bowls they donate several hours each week to the school.

These hours equal $400 per month!

Many of Daylight Teachers are young people who have recently graduated college. And like the US Program Teach for America, they volunteer to help the children at Daylight at only a fraction of a usual teacher’s pay.  This passion made Daylight the #3 school in the district of 150 school.  Daylight was the only top performing school that served children who could not pay school fees.

In 2015, 15 teachers donated $15,000 in volunteer hours per month! 


Daylight is also a working Farm! DSC_2551 With an eye towards sustainability Daylight’s Dan Chumba  manages several corn fields which produce over 3 tons of corn each year.

Daylight also has 5 cows. 

Daylight harvests $200 per month in corn and $50 per month in milk. DSC_2604

In 2015, local Kenyan partners, staff, and businesses donated over $250,000 in volunteer labor and in-kind donations. They believe in Daylight and they want these children to learn.

Will you Join them?

Make a Pledge for the 2016 School year!ast year U.S. Partners gave approximately $95,000 but we need to support our Kenya Partners with $135,000 in 2016. With YOUR help Daylight can raise the additional $40,000 it takes to feed, educate and house the young leaders of Daylight School and Center…

You can make a pledge for 2016 by filling out this form online or printing it an mailing it to:
Daylight Center and School
PO Box 40533
Saint Paul, MN 55104

As you consider making a pledge for the 2016 school year, remember that you are a part of a circle, a big circle, reaching all the way around the world.

Nathan Roberts
Daylight U.S. Director

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