Kimpur Family Christmas Letter

Dear Friends and Daylight family,

Greetings from Pokot, Kenya. I hope you are doing well in the Lord. Christmas is just around the corner, and my wife, Angelina, and I felt we would share with you an update on our family and the Daylight Kids’ Ministry that we are involved in here in Pokot, Kenya.

As I write, all the children are back home from their respective boarding schools – we are full-house. Roselyn Chelimo (grade 11) arrived home last Tuesday. She goes to school in Kampala, Uganda. Yesterday, we had a family meeting for the purpose of writing this report. I wanted everyone to give their input. Apparently, everyone was all smiles – a sure sign that this year, 2012, has been a good year for the family and Daylight.

The kids are growing up, and the family is growing too – literally. Along with our six children, we keep receiving more kids to the family: Pempe (6), Njoki (11), Peter (8), Christine Arupe (17), Grace Kakuko (11), and Chepar (7). These children live with us and are part of our family. Each one of them has a unique background story, and we thank God for enabling us to house and be there for them. They are happy and are attending school. Indeed, Angelina is a busy girl for she has to keep up with the demands and bustle of a house teeming with life. We, however, don’t take this for granted; we are blessed beyond measure…

As this year rolls up, we thank God for His grace and love for us, and we thank God for:

  • Little China – our son’s health is on a full recovery after being hospitalized twice in the year.
  • Christine Arupe – just graduated from High School to the joy of the whole family and friends
  • Dormitory – a 60-bed capacity dormitory built for the Daylight kids.
  • Family House- has been roofed and will move in as soon as it is complete sometime this year.
  • Visitors – we had so many friends and guests visiting this year – over twenty-five from the United States.
  • Two Dairy Cows – with the help from Edina Morningside Church through a youth fundraiser.

…and many more blessings!

Most importantly, as we celebrate Christmas, please join us in a shout of THANKSGIVING and PRAISE to Him. Amen.


Michael and Angelina Kimpur
Daylight, Pokot, Kenya

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