Kitchen Complete and New Stoves Installed

The Daylight Kitchen Staff led by Mama Mercy and Angelina Kimpur work hard to provide nutritious meals for 300 students and 40 staff each week. 

We serve a variety of foods including chai tea with fresh milk from our Daylight cows, porridge, beans and rice for lunch, chapati (Kenya flatbread), bananas, bread, spinach grown in our garden, and locally sourced meats.

Our kitchen serves nearly 5,000 nutritious meals a week!

We are so excited that our new kitchen is finally completed! 

We have locally sourced bricks, a fresh tin roof, new red floors, and  3 beautiful locally handmade stoves. On behalf of the cooks, students, and staff at Daylight we are so grateful!

These three stoves, one 130 liter, 100 liter, and a stovetop are more energy efficient. Trees are valuable and each meal is prepared with locally sourced firewood which is hand cut.  Our new stoves will require less wood and be better for the environment. 

The stoves are also are vented through the roof so smoke will not affect the cooking staff.

Thank you for helping the cooks, staff, teachers and students have what they need to be successful during this unexpected and difficult time of COVID-19. 

We want to especially thank the Kenya builders, stove makers, and staff who helped make this new kitchen possible. We also want to thank the donors who helped provide funding including The Knuteson Family, The Roberts Family, The Holmes Family, Kevin Schmidt, The Pastor Family, Rebecca Fitch, Brett Egan, The Baynard Family, The Edina Morningside Women’s Fellowship and The Fredrickson Family. 

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