Lauren Gives Because She Met Grace

I met Michael and was so inspired by his story that I flew to Kenya to stay with his family for 5 weeks. During part of this trip, we traveled out into the lowlands, an area of Kenya where poverty is high and education is non-existent. This is where Michael is from.
We spent a lot of time with children there, including one girl who will always be on my mind- Grace. Grace’s parents had already passed away and when we found her, she was going deaf from a severe ear infection. We brought her to school and to get medical treatment. She has currently been a Daylight student for 3 years and the other children look up to her as a “big sister”. I give to Daylight because of Grace, and because of all the children there that have a similar story.
After 3 years at Daylight Grace has become a model Student. She goes out of her way to help students when they are sick and makes sure to spend extra time with all the new incoming students. Because she knows the anxiety, relief, and excitement that comes with moving from village life to Daylight.
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