Letters to Daylight and Garage Sale Fundraiser

Dear Friends,

Our students at Daylight School love getting letters from their friends in the U.S. Especially now when school is not in session and we are more distanced than ever, getting your letters make them feel closer, and also gives students a chance to practice their reading! Thank you to our Grade Level Partners who have sent letters recently. 

Since we are unable to bring the letters to Daylight now, we have found a way to send them electronically to our Daylight staff who print the letters out at the school. 

Dressed up for a nice dinner!

These letters are a welcome treat during this challenging time! The staff invited the kids to dress up and made a nice dinner, then the staff read the letters. The student later read the letters in their classroom as well!

Are you looking for a way to make a direct and sustained connection to the classrooms at Daylight? 

Donate to the Daylight Classroom Fund and sponsor a smile!!  Your monthly contribution of $30 covers the costs of one student’s classroom experience and education. Your dollars will provide one student’s educational supplies, books, school uniforms, breakfast, and lunch all month.

When giving monthly, you may also choose to establish a deeper relationship with the students through regular communication with a specific classroom. You may partner with a specific grade level of your choice (4th, 5th, 6th,or 7th). Grade Level Partners receive three class updates a year and letters from students in the class, whereby you will learn about some of the Daylight students’ hopes and dreams.  In return, Grade Level Partners are encouraged to write letters to the class, providing your personal encouragement and moral support to the students. You will have the option of continuing the partnership with students in the grade level you choose as they move to their next grade level and on until graduation. Click the link below for more information!


Thank you to our friends Peter and Gina for holding a Garage Sale Fundraiser last week! The sale raised $1,070 in just one day! It was “pay what you want” and all proceeds went to Daylight! If you want to host a garage sale to benefit Daylight School please email us at info@daylightcenter.org

We have some items to sell and you can add your own items to the sale! It’s easy because you don’t have to price everything!

Thanks Gina, Lisa, Peter and Merv (Board Chair) for all your hard work!
US Director Nathan Roberts helping out at the Garage Sale!

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