Local Kenyans Donated $252,000 to Daylight Last Year!

Daylight has always been a partnership between the local people of rural Kenya and American supporters. Kenyans donate their labor harvesting the schools corn or helping construct our classrooms. They make donations of bricks for building projects and offer corn, rice, and beans for the kids to eat.  So Michael Kimpur and Nathan Roberts sat down and tried to figure out just how much they donate each month and put those donations into a dollar amount. And the results blew us away.

Daylight Teachers are often young people who have just graduated college. And like the US Program Teach for America. They volunteer to help Daylight and at only a fraction of a usual teacher’s pay.The 14 teachers donated $14,000 in volunteer hours per month!

The local builders who construct our classrooms donate $1000 in free labor each month.

Our 4 school cooks have children who attend Daylight! So after feeding and cleaning up 300 bowls they donate several hours each week to the school. These hours equal $400 per month!

Relatives of Daylight students, local businesses, and neighbors donate what they can to help Daylight grow. This spring they donated bricks to build a teacher’s office and last month they donated bricks to help us build three new classrooms. Each month they donated around $1,200 in corn, beans, rice and bricks.

The local businesses give Daylight reduced rates because they believe in the work we are doing. The Construction Delivery Truck company reduces their typical fees by $250 each month.

 Daylight is also a working Farm! With an eye towards sustainability Daylight produces 3 tons of corn each year and has 5 cows.  Daylight harvests $200 per month in corn and $50 per month in milk. The corn is in the background and the kids are drinking the milk!

Daylight is a partnership. And the local people give what they can to help make Daylight a success. Last year in labor and gifts in kind the Kenyans donated $252,000.

Last year Daylight US donated $96,000 in financial resources as well as thousands of volunteer hours in trips and events in the US.

We wanted to share with you these inspiring numbers and thank you for being a part of this beautiful partnership.

Nathan Roberts and Michael Kimpur
Daylight Directors

Kenyan Donations are estimated on standard Kenyan prices and pay-scales. 


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