Local Politicians Congratulate Daylight’s Graduating 8th Grade Class

It is an exciting month at Daylight! The start of a new year brings new classes, new lessons, and, for Daylight’s 8th graders, it brings the results from the 8th Grade National Exam. This is a test given to all 8th grade students in Kenya. We are so excited to say that for the 2nd year in a row ALL THE DAYLIGHT 8TH GRADERS PASSED AND ARE READY FOR HIGH SCHOOL!

We were also so excited that the top scoring boy in the District was our very own Kelvin!

Sunday before the test the whole 8th grade class gathered to celebrate the year and pray for their upcoming test. Part of this celebration was Kelvin reading his story The Hare and the Hyena Herd Cows from Under the Mukusu Tree available on Amazon.com

38-kelvinDuring the service their teachers took turns reading encouraging Bible verses and giving pep talks.37-sundayThe Senator, County Office, and Parliament sent ambassadors to Daylight to pray with the students. The message was clear: Daylight was a shining hope for their community. Many of the students at Daylight come from difficult backgrounds and some have lost their parents, and the community showed up to support them on this big day.37-sunday-2Thank you for supporting these Amazing 8th Grade Students! They will be attending high school at local schools, and your support allows Daylight to provide each 9th grade student with a scholarship to ensure they can start their high school education.

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