Luther Seminary Highlights Daylight in Alumni Magazine

There was a great article about Daylight in US Director Nathan Roberts’ Alma Mater Luther Seminary “The Story” Magazine!


“With the success of Daylight, Roberts says that the challenges involved with conducting an on-the-ground ministry and educational effort in Kenya have evolved.

“It’s a growing ministry and in a lot of ways, we’ve been really blessed,” Roberts says. “We’ve had exponential growth in our first few years and it’s really starting to get big now. We had a $219,000 budget last year, and we have 25 staff people [there], but one of the things we really want is to have longterm staff. As teachers wait to get a government job, they spend a couple of years at Daylight, get a great reference and then move on. And we’ve realized that really can take a toll on our kids, to have temporary relationships like that. A lot of our kids have lost their parents, and the teachers take on the role of being almost like aunts and uncles. We’re really hoping to get to the point where we can offer competitive wages, to keep up that discipleship that starts between these kids and their teachers.”

Although Daylight serves a group of children who have often seen both immeasurable suffering and been orphaned by fighting in the region, Roberts says that the students have gone on to thrive at the school.

“We really infuse the gospel principles of loving your neighbor, and overcoming things like tribalism, which is this notion that people from a different region or different tribe are less than you or are not part of the real Kenya,” he says. “We really are assertive about overcoming those biases in our children. And we are actually one of the top performing schools in our area. There are about 150 schools in our district and ours is the third-ranking school.”

Read the entire article here.

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