Making the Most of Daylight

Before the advent of electricity, Daylight Saving Time was established to make the most out of the daylight.

With 200 students, our ideal operating budget is $96,000 per year, but last year, we made due at 60% of this budget with $57,373.46.

For the past few years, we have been saving as much as possible at Daylight Center to make the most of our resources:

  • Our teachers have made tremendous financial sacrifices to serve at Daylight, rather than earn a competitive wage at other schools.
  • Two years ago, our generous supporters purchased 8 acres of land. We use some of the land to plant and grow corn.
  • Last year, the children at Edina Morningside raised funds for 2 dairy cows.

These are just a few examples of how Daylight has saved in grocery and tuition costs. But with a recent 15% increase in other grocery costs, and desire to retain our wonderful teachers, we need your help to continue to make the most of Daylight; to continue to give these students the best nutrition and education we can.

Help us close the 40% gap in our budget.

Our goal: 40 new financial partners, or current partners to increase their regular donation.

Please, if you are a current supporter, increase your regular donation.

If you have been following Daylight’s progress but have not committed to regular financial support yet, please make a commitment today. $15 per month feeds 2 students. You can set up a recurring donation online.

Thank you!

Rachel Finsaas
US Director of Operations
Daylight Center and School


P.S. Don’t forget to set your clocks forward 1 hour tonight! As you do so, think about the students at Daylight and how Daylight is propelling them forward in life.

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