Mama Kimpur Gives Extra Care to Sick Kids

When kids get sick at school you will hear two phrases over and over.
“I want to go home.” And “I want my Mom”.

Whether it’s a fever or an upset stomach they want to take the day off school and rest near their parent.

Daylight kids are no exception. For the students that live at home with their parent or relatives they stay home for a few days and rest. But for our children in the dormitory they can’t go home to their parents.  Either their parents are not alive or they live far away in the desert.

With these children Angelina “Mama” Kimpur steps in to help them.  She was helping Daylight student Dan feel better last week.

Dan is a Daylight student who stays in the Dormitory.  Dan’s father passed away and his mother lives several days drive into the desert in the neighboring country of Uganda.  When Dan got sick with a runny nose and a fever he was given the special Mama Kimpur treatment. For kids who live at the Dorm Angelina Kimpur takes extra time to bring them down to the Kimpur house and nurse them back to health.

Angelina believes that every sick child deserves to “Go Home with a Mom” and she is always ready and willing to be Mom for kids whose mom’s are not able to help nurse their child back to health.

Daylight Kenya

Remember that Daylight Kenya Director Michael Kimpur is coming to Minnesota in April!

We encourage you to take the opportunity to come hear him speak at a local church, invite him over to meet your friends, or grab a cup of coffee April 8 – May 1st.

Michael’s speaking schedule is very full on Sundays and Wednesdays but he will be free during the day and select evenings by appointment.  Please email Nathan Roberts to schedule a time to meet with Michael.

Important Dates:

Sun April 12, 10 am Michael Kimpur Preaching at New Hope Church in Lake City, MN
302 North Prairie Street, Lake City, Minnesota

Sun April 19, 9:30 am Michael Kimpur Presenting at the Adult Sunday School class at Lake Sarah Baptist Church in Slayton, MN
1613 191st St. Slayton, MN 56172

Thursday April 23, 7:30-10 pm Michael Kimpur and Nathan Roberts will be celebrating the release of their new book Poor Millionaires: The Village Boy Who Walked to the Western World and the American Boy Who Followed Him Home. This is a two part memoir that recounting Nathan and Michael’s lives and the story of how they founded Daylight. Read Excerpts at
The Nicollect 1931 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Sun April 26, Michael Kimpur Speaking at Adult Sunday School at 9:15 am and Preaching at 10:30 am at SonRise in Hulstad, MN
300 W Main Street Ada, MN

Sun May 3, Michael Kimpur Preaching at Stillwater Presbyterian at 10 am followed by Adult Forum at 11 am.
6201 Osgood Ave N, Stillwater, MN 55082

Sun May 3,  Michael Kimpur Preaching at Mercy Seat Church 5 pm
1500 6th St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413

We look forward to seeing you in April!


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