Martha is Braiding Hair and Studying to be a Doctor

Martha Cherop wants to be a doctor. She is a top student in her 8th grade science class, and her passion is learning about diseases. This passion comes from growing up in the desert village of Alale, where doctors are few and there are no hospitals.

“I want learn about diseases like cholera. Because recently, I was so sad to hear that my uncle died of cholera. My father told me it was because he couldn’t get to a doctor in time. I want to be a doctor so I can heal patients of things like cholera.” She smiles before adding, “My mom says I will heal many people.”

MarthaMagdelena, Martha, and Eunice

Martha is currently living in the dormitory where she studies hard with her science books. But after her homework is done, she is also a very sought-after hair stylist. Her friends Magdelena and Eunice show off their braids by Martha.

“Martha will probably be a doctor and a hair stylist,” Magdelena says smiling.

On behalf of Martha’s family and friends, thank you for supporting Martha and all the Daylight students. You are empowering them to make their dreams come true!

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