Meet Daylight Student Grace

Grace LOVES Daylight. This is because Grace came to Daylight much older than many of the other students, she is a teenager and is only in third grade.
She grew up walking miles each day to fetch water for her family who were living in Michael Kimpur’s home village a days drive into the desert.  When her parents died, she was sent to live with her uncle who was arranging a marriage for her. But plans for her marriage were interrupted when she got a serious ear infection.  Daylight Board member Lauren and Michael Kimpur met her on a trip to the desert and brought Grace to Daylight to get better. But while she was recovering Grace fell in love with education.
Now instead being a second or third wife for a village man she spends her days studying Math and English. Playing soccer goalie with the boys – a fact that she is very proud of as girls and boys often play separate games. She wants to be a Swahili teacher, which is no small feat because she learned Swahili in school.
She is the only Daylight student that lives at the Kimpur house year round.  This is because Angelina Kimpur think of her as a daughter. “We trust her in our house. She greets our guests so kindly and she loves to help the children when they are sick.” Daylight and the Kimpur’s have truly become Grace’s new family.
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