Meet Elodie: Daylight’s U.S. Fund Development staff

Hi. I’m Elodie, Daylight’s U.S. Fund Development staff. 

Ask me what I do for Daylight and I’ll tell you that, for a few hours a month, I check the P.O. box, process gifts, coordinate donor gratitude and fundraising, support ongoing projects, and attend board meetings.Ask me why I do it and I’ll tell you that I get the honor of reading moving and passionate handwritten notes from you, our donors and supporters. I get the privilege of hearing board members thoughtfully share in the vision of a project started from Nathan and Michael’s friendship. I get to share in the responsibility of telling U.S. friends that Daylight is doing incredible work to grow bright leaders in Kenya and that there is room for others to be a part of it.

For the past year and a half, I have seen from across the world how gifts of all levels help sustain a school and change the lives of its students. Communities are generously pooling their resources to buy desks, bunk beds, and uniforms, open a clinic and build roofs, help us to better care for our teachers, and ensure futures through education.
Equal parts nervous and excited, I’ll be taking my first trip to Africa to see Daylight Kenya in January. I am just one of more than 50 committed supporters that will have traveled to Kenya this year, bringing medical care, dolls, computers, sewing machines, and soccer balls.I have already felt Daylight Kenya’s life and vibrancy from across the globe. I cannot wait to see it up close.

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