Meet Gloria

Meet Gloria. She is in seventh grade and transferred to Daylight one year ago. Gloria grew up in a nearby town, and an area chief (liaison between police and community) nominated her for enrollment at Daylight. Her father passed away a few years ago, and her mother could no longer afford the fees to send Gloria to a public school.

Gloria stays in the girls dormitory at Daylight during the week and visits her mother and siblings at home a few towns away on weekends.

Some other facts about Gloria:

Ethnicity: Pokot
Favorite Subject: Science
Dream Occupation: High School Teacher

If it had not been for Daylight, Gloria would have had to quit school, and likely be married off at a young age. It is with your support that Gloria and other children like her have been given the opportunity for a better future, and empowered to become leaders in their community.

It costs $40 per month for a student to attend Daylight and stay in the dormitories. This cost covers expenses like food, tuition, school supplies, clothing, and health care.

Will you join our pledge drive for 2015? Already we have 24 of 100 total pledgers needed to reach our $137,000 budget goal for 2015.

Call or email me to make a pledge to support Daylight in 2015!

Rachel Finsaas
U.S. Director of Operations
Daylight Center and School

P: 612-293-7476

2-in-1 Christmas Gifts
Give a gift this Christmas that honors your loved ones and blesses the students at Daylight. Step 1: Make any size donation in honor of your friend, family member, or Secret Santa recipient. Step 2: Print our Honor Gift Card to give them.

Examples of text to include based on donation size:

($10) Feeding 1 student for an entire month!
($40) Covering all expenses for 1 student for 1 month!
($160) Providing bed, sheets, blanket, mosquito net, and dormitory essentials for 1 student.

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