Meet Our New US Director of Operations Andrew Ulasich

When I visited Daylight Center and School as a board member six years ago, I was privileged to create bonds with Director Michael Kimpur, his family, his tribe, and the children of Daylight. I participated in the initiation rites of Michael’s tribe, the Pokot, and joined my then fiancée, Becca, in a traditional marriage ceremony. I got to see firsthand the tireless dedication of Daylight’s teachers and staff, and witness the possibilities created in the lives of children as Daylight provides both an education and a place of belonging.

From right to left – Andrew and his wife Becca Ulasich, Emilie Robinson, and Chelimo Kimpur driving with Daylight students.

Since that time I was an Event Supervisor with Feed My Starving Children, I traveled the world with Becca for nineteen months, volunteering in places of violence and conflict, and I completed a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. Today, I’m thrilled to share the ties I made six years ago are drawing me back to Daylight as U.S. Director of Operations and Fundraising. I want to thank Elodie Lee for her years of service to the children of Daylight and for continuing to establish the foundation on which Daylight will be supported and strong for years to come. I am excited to work alongside US Director Nathan Roberts and US Board and to meet our US partners and donors.

My other big news is that two months ago, Becca and I had our first child. As we adjust to a new life, I think a lot about building the kind of world we want for him and for all of our children around the world. My hopes for my child are the same as my hopes for our kids in Kapenguria, Kenya: a safe space of love and belonging, the opportunity to pursue their dreams, and the vision and imagination to contribute to a better world. It’s an honor to rejoin Daylight Center and School to that end.

I look forward to continuing our partnership on behalf of our kids at Daylight.

Warm regards,

Andrew Ulasich
U.S. Director of Operations

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