Meet Rael – Her Hugs Will Melt Your Heart

If you have walked around Daylight in the last six months you have meet Rael. She’s hard to miss. Her smile is infectious and usually followed up by her signature heart melting hugs.

Rael is usally at the center of any activity. Like the time Jen (blue) introduced the idea of blowing kisses to Rael (purple) and the rest of the pre-school kids. Which they found really funny. Because blowing kisses is funny, if you think about it.

Rael became part of the Daylight family when her parents passed away from HIV/AIDS last year.  She was living in a desert village in Uganda and when a villager contacted Daylight about her situation.So Michael Kimpur and the Daylight Outreach team drove to her village and brought her to stay in the Daylight Dorm. Rael is now in pre-school and she really loves being at Daylight. She stays on a top bunk and each night she asks for someone to lift her into her bed.

Because being on top is where Rael wants to be. Despite her age, she is a natural leader with her classmates in songs and games. And we look forward to watching her grow into an amazing leader!

And did we mention her hugs melt your heart?

Rael and the pre-school class want to blow kisses your way to say that you for helping them go to school and giving them a new home and a new family.

Thank you.

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