Michael Kimpur’s Trip & Party Cancelled Because of Emergency in Kenyan Villages

Due to unexpected circumstances, Michael Kimpur had to cancel his February trip to Minnesota. The Daylight 10 year anniversary and Michael’s trip have been rescheduled to May 2018. Details will be communicated as they are finalized.

Michael Kimpur, Kenya Director of Daylight, also serves another role for the Kenyan Government. He is the on-call Director for Emergencies and Disaster Responses for his local West Pokot County. The Kenyan Government asked Michael to postpone his trip to the US because of a conflict in a desert village where raiders burned down 250 homes and stole cattle from local farmers. This attack left nearly 2500 people without food or homes. Michael Kimpur was called to help coordinate the relief efforts.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to Michael Kimpur as he helps these families. And the Daylight staff who are working to help educate our students to be peacemakers in their communities.

Michael is very sorry to miss his trip and regrets not being able to spend time with his friends in Minnesota.  He looks forward to seeing you all in May.

Below is a short video of the situation.


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