Missions Teams to Daylight – Interesting in Going to Daylight in July 2015?

Daylight kids love it when people come to visit.  The times when “Mzungus” (Swahili for white person) show up are sure to be exciting weeks! Full of sharing stories around cups of tea, singing songs, and playing games.  Students learning about what school is like in America, and the Americans learning about what life is like for kids in Kenya.

For the next two weeks a team of 18 people of all ages from First Presbyterian Church are going to smile, hug, serve and laugh with the children and staff of Daylight Kenya. They will be installing in a new water reservoir system, teaching english, and handing out hugs (like Rachel wrapping up her old friend Joshua Kimpur). Keep them in your thoughts and prayers for the next two weeks as they serve in Kenya.

Whether the visitors are coming to build a new classroom, teach English, or just add another friendly face on the soccer field, Daylight kids are excited! Excited to meet new people, practice their English (“HOW ARE YOU?” “I AM FINE!” is a popular first phrase), and say a big THANK YOU, JAMBO ASANTI SANA!

Interesting in Going to Daylight JULY 2015?

We have 3 spots open for our trip to Daylight Kenya on our team going July 10-24th. The cost of the trip is $3000/person and trip applications are due Feb 10th.

This team is comprised of parents and teenagers from Minneapolis, MN who will run learning camps and classes in Kenya, and go on a day Safari. 3 spots are open to anyone who is willing and able to teach kids.

If your wondering what a trip to Daylight entails take some time to read our travel manual.

Contact Nathan Roberts with questions or to turn in applications: nathan@daylightcenter.org

Nathan Roberts
Daylight US Director



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