New Nomadic Friends

Both times I have been to rural villages, I have left with the face of a new friend etched in my mind, and I know I will never forget those faces. Three years ago in Ompolion it was Emily, and this year in Alale it was Solomon. For whatever reason, and I’m sure God was involved, I connected with those two people and they have come to represent why I do what I do at Daylight.

I remember the feeling of saying goodbye to Emily, getting into our truck, and realizing she couldn’t just get into a truck and drive away to an easier, safer, healthier, educated life. Solomon is able to attend an adult literacy class, and perhaps he will have some basic skills. However, their lives will always remain difficult because they never received an education.

But with Daylight School, there is hope for their children and future generations to have a chance for easier, safer, healthier, educated lives. I believe it is the future that God desires for all of his children and that is why I am involved in Daylight.

Joyce Schwartz
Daylight Board Chair


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