New Preschool Classrooms Under Construction!

Elijah and his twin sisters, Clare and Clara, walk 4 km (2.5 miles) to Daylight school each day. Elijah is in 3rd grade, and he loves to study leadership. “I like learning about the presidents of Kenya. I like President Kenyatta the best, because he was a good leader.” We think Elijah is a pretty good leader, too.
Eljiah is excited about learning to speak Kiswahili and learning to drive so he can drive his sisters to class.
Clare and Clara are in Preschool and they love love eating lunch in the playground.And swinging on the swing set with their friends during recess.

Their father drives a tractor and their mother is a teacher. Their family contributes what they can afford to their children’s education. But school is expensive in Kenya and, with an eldest daughter in high school, their family needed help paying their school fees. So Daylight was able to provide scholarships!

They are all excited for the new preschool classroom, which is under construction. We have over 40 preschool students, and we are excited for them to have a great new classroom to learn and grow in.

The builders are working with funding from Autumn Ridge Church in Rochester, MN, to build three new preschool classrooms. The bricks are hand-fired locally and the community donates many materials and volunteers to help in the brickmaking! We are so grateful for Elijah, Clare, and Clara, and all the preschool students who are learning about leadership at Daylight! And they are grateful for your contributions and support, which make their education possible!

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