No Boredom at Daylight says Megan

“There is no such thing as boredom.” – Megan speaking of life at Daylight.

On Monday, my husband George Knuteson installed 3 swings on the trees at Daylight. Our granddaughter Megan (a freshman in college) taught the children how to pump the swing, automatically ensuring the duration of the line lasting into nightfall.

She used many tactics to make waiting in line for the swing more fun.

At one point she decided to hand out suckers to those waiting in line.

Then she asked them to sing. In a flash they grouped themselves into a choir and began to sing out their hearts.

These children are amazing in their constant joyful spirit, playing with each other on a peer level no matter the significant difference in their ages. They are extraordinarily well behaved and considerate of each other, most respectful of their elders.

On Tuesday, the teachers were helping prepare the classes for the Winter Term to start. The blackboards were hung after Megan painted them with a special black paint which is re-applied every 6 months. And the teeter totters built by the November team from Rochester have now been reinforced with steel plates. George is enjoying being a resident handyman.

The group has made it back from Alale safe and sound and they will be sending us more stories soon!

Marillyn Knuteson
Wife of George, and Grandmother of Megan

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