Now they call it Daylight Neighborhood

In Kenya, each village and neighborhood has a local name in addition to the name of the whole town you find on the official maps. Smaller neighborhoods are named based on local traditions or landmarks.

The town where Daylight is located is called Kapenguria.

Recently the community has renamed the school’s surrounding neighborhood “Daylight.”

So if somebody wants a taxi ride to the store down the road from our school, they will tell the taxi driver: “Take me to the store at Daylight.”

If you are going to the church on the other side of the hill, you will say “I’m going to the church at Daylight.”

The family who lives next door to the school tells people they live “At Daylight.”

This shows you how much this school means to the whole community. Everyone knows Daylight and they are so happy that the children who are orphans or disabled or poor are getting a chance to go to school and make a better life for themselves.

So on behalf of the Daylight neighborhood we thank you for your continued support.

Michael Kimpur
Daylight Kenyan Director

Big Thanks to Emerson House Church, Bitter Root Fires, A.M. Stryker, Mike and Pat Roberts, Kellen Roberts, and Marisa Gustafson for helping us raise the money to fix the well. We will share photos once the well is completed.

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