New School Year!

At Daylight School, Term 1 continues until July 1st (10 week term.)

They will have a 3 day Half Term Break at the end of May.

We hear that the students are very excited to be back in school and they are looking forward to a fantastic school year! 

Along with the 3rd – 8th graders, we have the opportunity to follow the journeys of a handful of students who have graduated from Daylight and are now attending high school. 

It will be great to hear how school is going for them…we will be sure to keep you updated as well.

The Daylight Board has set-up a fund to serve these teenage students who need fee assistance to attend high school.  We have seen the importance of continuing to high school for these children – and we also know that some families cannot afford the fees associated with high school.  We are working closely with the 8th grade class to identify the needs.

If you would like to help these deserving students have the opportunity to attend high school, please go to the ‘support us’ page on this site and select High School Scholarship Fund in the ‘I want to give toward’ donation drop down menu.  Thank you for considering this opportunity to serve these children beyond primary school!!

Daylight School boys — first day of high school (with their teacher)
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