One Minute Update – Daylight Bus Fundraiser

In Kenya, walking is what people do. Students walk to school, teachers walk to school, staff walk to school. In their multitudes, people – young and old – walk along roadsides and across fields.

After the odometer turned 450,000 Kilometers the leadership in Kenya rendered it unsafe to use so they have handed us a big challenge.

While using the old 11 passenger van, staff picked up 200 students from 5 surrounding communities, resulting in 20 shuttles per day. Our goal to purchase a brand new 31 passenger bus which will reduce the shuttle runs to 7 per day. In addition, acquiring this bus will result in a huge bonus for the school: for the first time, a full classroom of students will be able to be transported for field trips. Also, the soccer and track teams will be able to expand their competition radius. This bus will also be available for emergency situations.

The need for a new bus is urgent. Help us make it to the finish line friends. We are so close we can almost see the smiles on the children’s faces! No gift is too small. We are so thankful to everyone that has already given so generously toward our goal.


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