One Minute Update: Haron Kibet

Daylight grade 6 student

My name is Haron Kibet, I am 12 years old.  I am in grade 6.  I like to play football because (it) is my favorite game.

My family is from West Pokot, located in Komorow.  My favorite class is grade six because we perform well in examination.  I like grade six because of our class teacher.  He is brown in color…chocolate.

When I grow up I want to be a doctor.  My dream to be a doctor is because I perform well in science and languages.  During my free time I will like to treat my Kenyan member freely.  I will like to treat Americans and to share my talents and skills with them.

Daylight is my favorite school because it is near my home.  It is a very big school, it always performing well in Kenya education.  It is free education and best teachers that offer the best education

Lastly, I want to tell (  ) thanks for offering bus for Daylight pupils  I want to thank Americans for visiting us and helping us.  The last thing is to say thanks because of constructing the dining hall.

We use the dining hall to represent the place of taking meals.  Thanks for all of that.

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